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tv   Reporter - German police take on illegal car racing  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2019 7:45am-8:01am CET

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that's why i ran to folks and alexander shots of the cologne police force are cracking down on irresponsible petrolheads. if you don't follow my orders we will use force. i am receiving this is unit five one eight six the two males. wants. one go it's saturday night eight o'clock officers food fights are on patrol boy racers are out and about in downtown cologne showing off their rides . illegal road races tend to happen spontaneously less than two cars will pull up side by side at the traffic lights one driver will
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say oh look at your right to check out mine it's low slung wide and faster and then they race each other. it's ten minutes later the officer spot their first suspect follow that guy that audi. only slowly. you don't want him to sponsor you. they pursue the vehicle. crash that you could hear just how loud his car was on script. let's call him a. prophet folks from the cologne police license and registration place. but this driver isn't your typical boy racer most tend to be aged eighteen to twenty seven. and they love tuning their cars regardless of whether that breaks the law or not. well. what's been modified on this
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car it's in the papers where. engine suspension exhaust there are countless ways to pimp a car. the search isn't always easy but most of the time they find what they're looking for says writer folks would you step on the gas please. the decibel meter clearly shows this man's muffler has been tweaked it's far too loud. your vehicle registration allows for seventy three decibels max but this exhaust produces eighty that's too loud for the off on the exhaust is definitely be moderate his license is invalid as cars being given a performance with boost which is being documented at the car should be given another inspection of the no on. the officers confiscate the car the man will have to do without his prized ride this weekend. and on monday he'll have to get his car
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inspected. but. this is all about posing about showing off about gaining social recognition in your group. because the vehicle like that is a means of gaining status but. that a god is led by. fortunately these guys often overestimate themselves. they consider themselves exceptional drivers or and and unfortunately it often turns out they're not that's their myth which is why we keep seeing these are serious traffic accidents. like in twenty fifteen when two young men raced each other in central cologne. one lost control of his vehicle crashing into a young cyclist who died three days later.
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she was just nineteen years old. the culprits were charged with negligent homicide bomber sentenced to one year nine months the other to two years in jail. later became clear that the illegal raises have become a widespread phenomenon in the whole city and extremely dangerous what it that. it was then that close police force creating unit to combat reckless racers. i know what families feel when a family member is killed but it's a horrible thing. and the worst thing is that the death could have been prevented by this problem i think it's eleven pm. or. columns petrolheads are out in large numbers to go here again you can see the cars being modified the exhaust has be modified the car is going pretty fast through the big sis. it's low slung you see that. the board it's
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too close to the ground it's almost touching the rest of them. they stop the car and have a closer look. looks normal to me. but the shock absorbers look on usual. these then all the original shock absorbers and yes the original ones are red and those aren't the original ones either the shock absorbers were retrofitted. to organize the original ones are not red blue and they're black the or the original ones are red these are black what kind of car is this already let's go to octavia are so case possible the shock absorbers are red. the devil is in the details and both officers need to find out the vehicles exact specs and check everything the driver and his partner meanwhile are growing impatient. then the
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driver produces more papers. but there's nothing documenting the car's modified wheel spacers. from having nothing has been documented health has a second page not page. suddenly a van views on to the parking lot. that kill the engine please. it's ok raise it me i've had a drink i don't have to take a breathalyzer test again and he's told us he's had to drink his driving has already made that pretty clear i think with the fact that i'm drug exactly and i lost my driver's license for being drunk you don't even have a license no i'm being honest here telling it like it is. you caught me i was unlucky you were unlucky what do you drink beer how many beers did you drink. eight beers and when in the past two to three hours ok ok well what if
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he hadn't i haven't eaten anything ok ok i can smell alcohol and you. meanwhile deals with the onlookers. thinking please go ahead don't stand behind us thank you very much where am i supposed to stand then not in the street on the sidewalk and not behind this place. blow into this. you've got so much alcohol in your system that i'm not allowed to drive. that's right yeah that's right so i will take you to the police station oh no please we'll have you take a blood test hurry up a bit. and nearby a patrol car comes by and takes the intoxicated man to the station. the owner of the tuned car meanwhile has been looking for the missing paperwork to no avail. these modifications can significantly alter the handling of your car ok listen here on my paper you know you listen to me we'll just leave the car over there know and
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get it inspected next week no no why not. because we now need to confiscate this car. oh no you won't you will not confiscate this car. ok i will try explaining this one more time karmically if you don't follow my orders we will use force call in more and more police cars and we will get your car believe me your keys please no i won't. have it if you can prove all modifications have been great. and now you're harassing us taking the car just because the wheel spacers. the officers are adamant and the car gets towed because even minor modifications can seriously alter the car's handling. you know it's pedantic but with the car accident in central
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cologne in twenty fifteen with a cyclist the got killed the vehicle in question had also been modified and modified suspension made it skid. owners of two and cars tend to think of themselves as exceptional drivers. they think the police are silly doing this. and that we should take care of more serious things instead of. which is what he just told us. and you need to have a non group of onlookers who get together or might want to act against us because the move gave people because they were anti police. so on other people. but officers folks in shorts are also aware that not everyone who tunes their car is automatically a reckless racer. there is a legitimate tuning seem they modify their car sensibly. it's their hobby i carry out modifications with great care and technical precision i can leave the mark the
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third mission. but there seems to be a connection nevertheless. that racers often to make cars. not everyone who tunes their car is a reckless racer but most racers are into tuning cars it's three thirty am their shift is about to end then one car runs a red light right in front of them. i'm here good morning you probably overlooked the red light because you were using your. song i was late i needed to get to the train station fast. when i'm distracted at times speak could end up killing someone pedestrians uses lights too i hope this will be a lesson to you. yes absolutely. not a stupid dangerous time for canada your life would change forever if you ran someone over i'm
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a driver to know how tempting it is to check your phone. you know you're right. i made a mistake. ok finally both officers can call it a night it's been a busy shift but luckily this time nobody got hurt.
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play. this is news coming from the islamic republic of iran turns forty thousands of people are out on the streets marking the anniversary with a parade but is there to celebrate forty years from when they came to power we asked what impact u.s. sanctions are having on iraq. kurdish led forces have launched an attack to finish off the final stronghold in syria the terrorist group once controlled territory the size of the u k.


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